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Rolex ~ Rolex rare Green Jindi Sun ZG factory adopts a customized three-eye enlarged version of the fully automatic mechanical movement to make the distance of the three functional disks consistent with the original [strong] original mold opening at the same price.

40mmX12mm matches the original size

~ men and women can wear it.

Rolex metal LOGO is molded separately, whether it is three-dimensional or roundness, it can be PK original

 sapphire crystal glass scratch-resistant, six-character upgrade to a genuine and consistent anti-counterfeiting small crown 👑 buckle is made of imported 316S steel 1:1 loose parts polished Lasha inner side corrosion Rolex steel seal External authentic products are exactly the same.

Saphire Green Watch

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$900.00Sale Price
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